Friday, September 28, 2012

A Post of Acquisition

I have been enjoying a number of Blog Hops. Many bloggers sign up with a blog hop hostess and then creates something to show on a set date; bloggers often offer a giveaway prize as well. It is such fun to see all the creativity in different bloggers, and I enjoy commenting too.  
Well, I won this adorable mug rug from Laura ( during the Think Christmas Blog Hop at the end of July.

More recently, one of my favorite fabric designers participated in the Sew Sweet Moda Blog Hop. Sandy Gervais has created some of the most enjoyable fabric lines ever; her most frequent one is called "Everlasting".
She picked me as her grand prize winner, and I received a fat quarter bundle and a candy pack of this beautiful fabric, as well as a bag of Cheetos (already consumed in full) and a gift certificate to the restaurant that houses the worlds largest Cheeto! To learn more about that, you will have to visit her blog! (see Sept. 8)

I went to an estate sale recently; it had advertised fabric and sewing supplies as items of interest. Well, there were quilting magazines and some non-quilting fabric. I was determined to find something worthwhile to take home. And I found these squares in a baggie, tucked in a box of ties!
 I paid $1 for these; I think they were made by different people, for there is marked size differences in these 7.5"-ish blocks. But they are pretty and will make a lovely charity quilt!

And for another dollar, I picked this up at Goodwill. It is a rather dated diaper holder, I think. But it had never been used, and the fabric was in perfect condition!
Using my trusty seam ripper, I took the thing apart and now have nearly a yard of usable fabric to add to a quilt some day!

Next post I will share pictures of what I have been doing at the sewing machine!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Assembly line success!

The main part of Grama Scrappy is finished. I still want to add some borders. Here it is on my queen bed.
The assembly line technique worked well; I am glad to have the blocks finished. I assembled it on Labor Day. My friend came over and she was working on a beautiful Batik tote bag. Instructions were not all that clear, and we had a few times of puzzlement before we could make sense of the next step.