Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Did I accomplish my goal???

It is still Leap Day...
...but I did not finish the borders.

I need to miter the corners, and I think I can do a neater job when I am a little more awake!
I could have finished, but at 9:00 tonite I started questioning my choice of fabric for the border. It is quite dark, and it is somewhat Hawaiian in theme.  I spent precious time searching my stash for a more suitable fabric with no luck. So I decided to go for it, just use what I had all ready to go. I do not want to purchase fabric for this quilt. It is my bargain bin quilt and I plan to keep it that way!

I'll post a finished picture on Friday, then you can decide if the border works or not!

Making progress...

...but not without the seam ripper:

first time ripping
 second time ripping
 third time ripping
 And here it is, to the best of my ability without going totally perfectionistic...and it only took 70 minutes!
It is straight enough for me (unless it looks awfully crooked with the borders). I have just a little more than three hours before leap day is over.... can I do it?

Stay tuned...

Best laid plans....

So, the Costco shopping took three hours (!), mostly because I also stopped at Trader Joe's, Albertsons, and Big Lots. I figured that since I was out, I may as well run all the errands. Yup.  Then I was so tired when I got home and had the groceries put away....I spent a bit of time online...

I discovered a Leap Day Blog Hop Giveaway! Yikes! That took hours to visit every giveaway site and enter to win all kinds of stuff. It is awfully fun to do! But it does not finish a quilt top now, does it?

Oh, then supper; first have to make it, then have to eat it, then clean up...oh, wait, husband agreed to clean up tonite! Yea!

So here is where I am at....
That one triangle needs to fit IN LINE with the rest of the triangles. I am off to try and do just that...

Stay tuned....

Leap Day Resolution

I've noticed that many quilt bloggers are using this extra day of the year to concentrate efforts on quilt projects. I have resolved to do the same.
See this rumply crumply mess? The Christmas Sampler was tossed in frustration onto the edge of the couch weeks ago. There it sits.

Until today.

Today I am resolved to get the edges lined up and then sew on the border before I go to bed tonite. It does not sound that difficult, does it? We shall see........we shall see.....

But first I must run to Costco! Stay tuned....

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Little Progress...

I don't have a lot to show this week. I finally got a baby-sized quilt into a pin-basted sandwich; last night I started some machine quilting. It is a small quilt so it shouldn't take too long.

I sewed together a backing for a crib-sized quilt, and I've got the batting cut too. I will sandwich this one next.

And I dug out some leftover triangles from a previous quilt, sewed them into squares, and in my spare time I play with different layouts. It will be a patriotic wall hanging...eventually!

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Finished with the Potholders Craze (I hope)

Well, the orange set of potholders have been bound. I really like how these turned out. I used 16  5" charm squares plus some white and green to make this set.

 Here is the second set completely finished. I used the alternate colorway of the charm square package. I only have bits and pieces left, not even worth putting into the scrap bins.
I bought a little extra yardage and made two butterfly potholders to match the regular ones. These work great when pulling something hot out of the oven!
 And how about a casserole holder? It is so cute!
 Here it is with a 9x13 baking dish; it is just the right size!
The blue/olive/magenta set is a wedding shower gift that is coming up soon! Hope the bride likes them!

Now I can get back to some UFO busting!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

On A Roll...

...making potholders!
I made a fifth potholder for the set I showed last week. I had small pieces leftover and made small nine patch blocks, sewed those into a larger nine patch, then cut to make a disappearing nine patch!
The potholders were made with a charm pack I won last year. It is a Kate Spain design that had a cool colorway (purples, blues and maroony pinks) and a warm colorway (green, orange, yellow, light pink).

I used the warm charm squares to make a second set of potholders!

I will quilt and bind these over the weekend.

I joined my first fabric swap this week. It is an "I Spy" fabric swap; "I Spy" fabrics have visible images of things, animals, buildings, etc. These will be sewn into a playful quilt...and you can play "I Spy With My Little Eye..." when the quilt is finished!

Each person in the swap chooses three fabrics...I have a garden-themed fabric, a cat-themed fabric, and a farm-themed fabric.
(Oops, upside down. Sorry.)
First I prewashed the fabrics, then cut 40 5" squares from each one (120 total); those go into separate baggies and sent to the swap co-ordinator.
She will collect three baggies from each of the 40 people who signed up. After she redistributes the fabric squares, she will send them out to the participants, who will receive back 120 different squares of fabric!

I think I should get my 120 squares in April. Can't wait to see all the variety of fabrics!

Most quilters show pictures of their pets' involvement in the quilting process. This is as involved as Rosey gets...just a lazy girl who takes a lot of naps on my latest quilt!

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