Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Green Quilters Update!

Homeschooling has started up again! It keeps me busy, but not TOO busy...
I did put together this doll quilt, made from the leftover scraps of the quilt in my last post.
It looks sort of old fashioned, I think.
 I've put the Purple Round Robin quilt on my design wall. I would really like to finish this one.
 Here is another project; it must be finished by Tuesday morning for class.
Civil War Kepi production line!
 I went to the Puyallup Fair yesterday and bought myself...a new iron!
It is an Oliso. I have read about them on other quilt blogs, so I tried it out in the vendor's booth;
it is sooo far superior to my $10 cheapy iron that does not get very hot.
And check this out...
It is an "oliso smart iron with itouch technology".
(It has not been released into the marketplace yet, or so I was told.)
And it can act as a clothing steamer too!

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Barbara Anne said...

What an adorable little doll quilt and an excellent way to use leftover bits from a large quilt! Well done!

Love the purple Round Robin quilt! Doesn't that 3-triangle block border look spectacular?! I've used that same block as a border on 3 quilts and it never fails to be wonderful. Cute floral appliques, too. I look forward to seeing how this Round Robin quilt ends up.


Mrs. JP said...

That iron is so cool,,,I mean I'm sure it's hot but wow!!!!!
Love the little doll quilt, so cute. What's going in the corners of the purple quilt? I'm sure you've already decided.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Your little quilts are adorable. And that iron is quite interesting.