Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No longer discouraged!

Jo-Anns has a huge sale this week. I went to the big Etc. store by the mall, as it has more selection than my just-up-the-street location. I went straight to the half off the red dot fabrics and found this wonderful green fabric that matches my Christmas sampler blocks beautifully! I will use this for the sashing. Hip Hip
I have been looking for a creamy color to use in my fall leaves quilt. I searched at two local quilt stores, at Pacific Fabrics and Crafts, and at two Jo-Anns, and I could not find just what I wanted. But at this big Jo-Anns Etc. I found just the right fabric! It is hard to see in the picture, but it has leaves all over it, tone on tone. I will make up a couple of blocks, and maybe then the pictures will show up the fabric.
My greatest find is this print called Oil Slick Red. I fell in love with this fabric when it first hit the shelves at Jo-Anns. But I did not buy any because I had no plans for it. Well, I was thinking about my Christmas Sampler Quilt, wondering if I could use it for sashing or a border or something. I found it - - - in the half off red dot area!!! It was $1.50 a yard. GASP. I bought all 2.861 yards of it. (I just looked at my receipt...they charged me $2.50 a yard. Grr.) I am sure it will be used in something, for I love love love this fabric!
I am discouraged no longer. In fact, I think I will go do some cutting and sewing... :)

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Mrs. JP said...

Wow, you got some super great fabrics. That green will be stunning and I can't wait to see how you use that cool red. Some days you find everything you need and some you walk and walk and nothing strikes your fancy. Great score!