Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Retreat Update

Every good retreat has bowls of chocolate on each table! Here's mine.
So I am working on the Christmas Sampler. I won a copy of this magazine, and I had a set of 20 fat quarters that I bought for $10 clearance at JoAnns. I decided that I would put "won" and "20" together to make a sampler quilt. The set of fabrics are not Christmas fabrics, but the colors are Christmasy, and that is why I am calling it my Christmas Sampler.
At some point (I can't remember when) I chose the blocks I wanted to make, then cut out all the pieces and put each block into an envelope. The fun part is opening the envelope to see all the fabrics again!
Here is the next one I am making...called Wishing Star. (Grrr....blogger turned my photo again.)
Here is the block, roughly laid out... Yep, all the pieces are there. Whew!
And the finished block. It is not perfect, but in the grand scheme of the quilt, I don't think anyone will really notice!
Hey look! I'm paper piecing now! One of the challenges for me in this project is to try new techniques. I have not paper pieced before, so I am following the instructions in the front of the magazine.
Hey look! I'm ripping out the paper piecing! I'm not so sure I really enjoy this technique, as I am unsure exactly where to put the pieces of fabric.
Ta-Dah! Here is my first attempt, hot off the machine. I need to peel the paper off yet--not so easy to do. Then I must make three more as this is only one fourth of the complete block.
I'm going to go grab some supper, then head to church for worship practice. I hope to finish this block when I come home.


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I'm loving your fabric that first block.
Most of my quilting friends like paper piecing, but I despise it! My fabric pieces are always ending up in the wrong place. I have to take out more seams than I sew (it feels like) when I paper piece.

Anonymous said...

I have never tried paper piecing but you make it look like fun. Also, you are one organized lady with all those blocks and pieces filed away in those envelopes with art work on the front. Sandy Gail (Sandra Neel Hutchins)

Mrs. JP said...

I've seen so many quilts done with paper piecing. Everyone I talk to says "oh, once you get it you'll love it!" So far, I haven't got it! I'd like to though because look at those crisp points. Beautiful block and paper piecing. Have fun.