Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sunshine Quilt!

More cut fabrics from the church stash. I found a large stack of squares cut from this wonderful fabric. Apparently I had sorted a bunch of fabrics a few years ago, because I had set aside yellow squares with these.
It was so rainy on Monday that I thought I would work with these fabrics to create my own sunshine! I pulled some orange fabrics from my own stash to add pizzaz. I have had enough of nine patch blocks, so I cut triangles to make an hour glass quilt.
After sewing a small stack, it is time for squaring up the little blocks. This is my least favorite part of the quilting process. These are on the small size, squaring up at 3 1/2" each.
And when I spread them out on the floor, I really liked what I saw! This little bit measures 21" by 24". I have no idea how big it will be eventually.
I am making this a leader-ender project. I have all the pieces cut out and setting off to the side of my machine. When I am chain piecing another quilt, there is always the point where the fabric must be cut from the machine. Rather than wasting long threads, I will sew two pieces of the sunshine quilt together and leave them on the machine under the foot. I go and press the fabrics from the other quilt, then come back to the machine for more chain piecing, and no wasted thread!


Mrs. JP said...

Well, if that's not the cheeriest quilt ever. I can't believe we're piecing the same sized block---I'm doing a 3 1/2" triangle blocks to make pinwheels for a baby quilt. Hey you could make that into a baby quilt and give it to a crisis pregnancy center or maybe you know someone who is pregnant. I'm so glad I started following your blog. Have a nice day.

Sujata Shah said...

I love the colors you chose for your sunshine quilt. And the golden yellow adds quite the sparkle!
Chain piecing is the best way to save time, and thread.. not to mention the runs to the ironing board!